Overcoming the Awkwardness When at a Strip Club for the First Time

So, you are going to one of the strip clubs Fortitude Valley has for the first time. Perhaps, you need to attend a friend’s buck’s party, to go with your boss to unwind for the night, or are encouraged by your best pal to just check one out. While this would tell you to brace for a fun experience, things can really get awkward as a first-timer. However, you do not have to panic. There are things that you can keep in mind to ensure things will go well.

  • Observing Basic Strip Club Etiquette

While you might have heard other people talking about what to do in a strip club, how to behave in one is easy—be polite to everybody and do not forget to tip. While you should be polite, it is still possible to get rowdy and raunchy with the strippers, depending on the club rules, so make sure you know about them. But don’t forget that strippers are professionals, so you should give them the respect that they deserve.

  • Talking to a Stripper

No matter which stripper you are talking to in strip clubs Fortitude Valley has, there is one thing that you should never say—she knows better than being in a club or she is too pretty or good to be working in one. Sure enough, this would insult any of the dancers and will cause your night to turn sour. Also, do not try to get the real names or numbers of the strippers, as they also have their own private lives to protect.

  • Watching the Ladies

Do not worry about staring at each stripper’s body whether she is on stage or at the table with you. Remember—strip clubs are places where ogling at specific parts of a woman’s body is even encouraged, so stare away! Do not be unnerved to do this, but keep yourself from verbalising your internal thoughts to the woman in front of you, as this might creep her out.

  • Getting a Private Dance

Do not turn down a lap dance. Doing so will not only disappoint your companion, but also deprive a stripper of making money. She is making a living, after all. Just go where the wind takes you, and you will see how enjoyable the experience is.

There you have it. You do not have to dread a night of awkwardness or being in unfamiliar situations in one of the strip clubs Fortitude Valley has. By keeping these tips in mind, you will feel comfortable hanging out at such a place for the first time. What’s more, you are sure to enjoy one of the best nights of your life!

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